FREE Consultation
A 15-30 minute consultation for: Skin-Care or Foot-Care with our Medical Skin Technician/ Advanced Foot-Care Specialist.
Any questions can be asked in this time regarding future treatments, home-care , and knowledge moving forward. Treatment plans can be done up to help assist with your goals, and how they will be achieved. 
Classic Manicure – $45
Our Classic Manicure provides the basic hand and nail care. Polish Included!
Service includes: Basic Trim/Shape, Cuticle Care, Hydration, and Relaxing Massage.
E-File Manicure – $55
For those who require more advanced care. Our E-File Manicure allows our professionals to meet your needs beyond our basic manicuring tools, using an Electric File. Polish Included! 
Treatment of excessive Dry Skin Build Up around Cuticle and  Callus reduction Includes: Trim/Shape, Thin, Advanced Cuticle Care, Moisture Boost Treatment, Hydration, and Relaxing Massage.
Russian Manicure – $75
The Picture Perfect Nails! this treatment using the E-File Manicure technique to do an extensive removal of: cuticle, dead skin/ callus build up. Light-Cured (GEL) Polish included! this technique insures a longer grow out time, with added strength, to prevent breaking and peeling! Moisture Boost treatment included!
Russian Manicure (Without Gel Polish) – $55
Russian Manicure (Nail Boost) – $65
Classic Pedicure – $55
 For those wanting a basic refresh and treatment of there feet the Classic Pedicure does it all!
Includes: Foot Soak, Basic Trim/File, Cuticle Care, Heel Care, Polish Application, Massage, and FootLogix Treatment included!
E-file Dry Pedicure – $65
Those who require more advance foot treatments. Our e-file pedicures allow our professional to address  needs beyond our basic pedicuring tools. This pedicure is great for those with some thickening of the nails, extra length or those with extreme skin build up. (Nail Care appointments may still be required) Polish, Footlogix, and Massage included!
Includes: Trim/Thin, Advanced Cuticle Care, Advanced Heel Care, Excess Dead Skin Build up, and  Minor Impacted Nail care!
Signature DREAM Pedicure – $80
The Luxurious all in one Pampering Pedicure! Polish and Footlogix Treatment included!
Includes the E-File Technique Pedicure, with added Scrub, Moisturizing Foot Mask with Heated Therapy Boots, and Extended Relaxing Massage.
Light-Cured Polish (GEL) – $20
Those wanting a longer-lasting polish (GEL) with less chipping and cracking and Instantly dry with no need to worry about smudging polish!
Light-cured  proper removal : $20 – using SOAK OFF liquid for the proper removal of light-cured polish to insure the health of the natural nail remains intact!
Add on services
Nail Boost-$15
Moisture Mask with Heated Therapy Boots- $10
Add Nail-Care- $35
Gel Nails
Full Set-  $65
This service includes an artificial extension using tips or forms! Optional clear or natural pigmented gel will be used!
Fills- $45 
Gel Overlay- $50
This service uses the natural nail length with added strength and build using gel. *No extension added
Overlay Fill- $40
Nail repair-$5
Add full color-$10
Add French-$15
Set removal-$40
Nail Care- $35
This is a 15-30 minute service that is for clients who need advanced care in one of the following categories:
Basic Nail Care- basic trim/ shortening of the nail with shaping/ filing. 
Basic Cuticle Care- basic care and maintenance of cuticle including push back and trimmed. For excess amount of dead skin build up the use of an E-File may be required.
Thick Toenails- this service will use and E-File to take down thickness and create an even surface.
Ingrown/ Impacted Toenail- helps to relieve pressure in side-walls.
Involuted Toenail- this is when the nail starts to curve into the skin, causing discomfort. cotton packing will be provide during this service to provide a short term relief.
Callus/ Corn Care- reduction in callus/ dead skin build up on foot. Removal or corns that may appear on bottoms of the feet causing pain in specific area.
Cracked Heel Treatment- treatment includes an extensive reduction of built up callus, with added Footlogix treatment to provide moisture boost.
Toenail Brace with overlay – $50
Suited for: Those with extremely curved nails or prone to ingrown nails. Perfect for clients exposed to high amount of moisture or would like an aesthetic cover. 
Toenail brace no overlay – $35
This is a much more basic brace, for clients with minimal exposer to environments that may break down the braces bond.
Toenail Reconstruction
Great toe no removal-$35 
Great toe with removal-$50
Regular nail-$10
Regular nail with removal-$20 per nail 
Hair Removal
Upper lip-$12 
Chin or Hairline-$13
Full leg-$50 
Half leg-$30 
Lash & Brows
Eyebrow tint- $15
Eyelash tint- $17
Henna brows initial visit- $65 (includes wax)
Henna brows fill- $45 (includes wax)
Express Customized Facial- $65 Suited for those looking to give your skin a boost! Providing a deep pore cleanse and exfoliation to renew the skin. This facial includes: Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliation, Hot Towels, Massage, Treatment mask and Finishing cream. Our professional will customize specific products suited for your skin type/ concerns. ALL SKIN TYPES
Deep relaxation facial- $85  Suited best for those wanting the at-most relaxation and complete renewal of the skin. This facial uses our luxurious skin care line containing active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin for a more youthful complexion. This facial features: highly Anti-aging products, extended massage to the decollate, arms/ hands, and feet. Intense yet gentle exfoliation will remove any dead skin build up and smooth complexion. A steaming treatment is included as well as a Anti-bacterial O-Zone treatment. The use of crystal rollers will be used for the depth penetration of  serum. ALL SKIN TYPES
Microdermabrasion facial- $125 This facial replaces your standard exfoliation with a special tool with an abrasive attachment. This attachment exfoliates away the thick outer layer of skin to rejuvenate, and renew overall skin tone and texture. This facial will help improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles and fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, melasma and many other skin related concerns. 
Renewal facial – $95 Suited for those with: fine lines, acne, chronic dry skin, and uneven skin tone or pigmentation. This facial features our New Even Peel. This product works deep into the skin to stimulate the renewal of new skin cells, as it provides an light chemical exfoliation. Formulated with AHA’s and gel texture, it promotes the skin’s progressive exfoliation. This peel helps to unify its texture and decreases the size of the pores. Your skin will be feeling renewed and revitalized! * This Facial does NOT require any down time.
High frequency facials
Anti-ageing High Frequency Facial- $135 Suited for those who are wanting a more intensive anti- ageing treatment. will stimulate cell renewal and improve the absorption of our active ingredients found in our skin products. In additional this treatment will enhance blood circulation, and increase collagen/ elastin production in the skin. will reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. ALL SKIN TYPES
Acne Fighting High Frequency Facial- $120 Suited for those with oily, acneic/ acne prone skin types. This treatment facial will help to reduce breakouts by targeting the bacteria in the skin that causes breakouts.  Can target cystic acne that is found deeper in the skin, as-well as shrink enlarged pores.
Collagen Induction Therapy (Micro-needling)
Minimally invasive procedure that is used to treat skin concerns via collagen production, with the application of pure active cocktails. Collagen Induction Therapy can target many different skin concerns such as; Anti- Age Treatment, Moisturizing/ Hydrating Treatment, Firming Treatment, Anti- Wrinkle Treatment, Post acne/ scars Treatment, Brightening Treatments, Hyper-pigmentation Treatments, Tightening Treatments, Cellulite Treatments, and more!
Full Face: $190
Neck: $ 170
Face and Neck : $325
Body (Small area) : $125
Body  (Large area) : $199+
Skin Tag Removal
Use of electrocoagulation to remove base of the skin tag. Numbing will be applied for your comfort. Numbing included in price.
1 hour booking ( includes 3 removals) :$90
Additional 3 removals: $40
Follow up appointment: $30 to insure that the removal has successfully been done and do any further reducing of tag as it has healed.