Best Buy Esthetics: Who We Are

Best Buy Esthetics is a small, Saskatchewan-based family business.  With over 3 decades of experience in the beauty industry and a team that has been exposed to everything from esthetics education to spa management and consulting to working directly for manufacturers, Best Buy Esthetics is uniquely positioned to advise our clients in almost every facet of the industry and assist with any need that may arise.


As always happens, professions and industries change.  With training and education growing at a staggering pace, the training portion of Best Buy Esthetics was spun off into its own entity, Spa Academy.  As LCN opened distributorship to competing wholesale businesses and other product lines evolved, Best Buy Esthetics continuously searched for new brands and products to compliment the existing products offered.  Through great discussion and thorough research, Best Buy Esthetics today now offers at least 7 exclusive brands either throughout Saskatchewan or all of Canada, and we are constantly researching the latest trends, finding the newest products, and bringing you the most cutting edge technology.

Our Philosophy

We aren’t a large multi-national organization with huge warehouses, massive buying power, or fancy branding and marketing; and we like it that way.  Our goal is service.  We strive to provide our clients with valuable, well-researched and hand-picked products, unparalleled industry expertise, and consistent and incredible value.  All of our staff is experienced in the industry, which means we understand the problems you may face, the attributes you are looking for in a product or brand, and you can speak esthetics-ese to us and we’ll know what you’re talking about.  And in exchange for choosing us as your wholesale esthetics supplier, we promise to stay on the cutting edge of technology and remain up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry.  In short, we promise to provide you the absolute most valuable service to go along with pricing that is, at the very least, industry standard.

Come in to the store and take a look around, give us a call, or drop us an e-mail.  We always have new products and equipment to offer that may interest you.  Or perhaps just strike up a conversation about an issue you are facing with your own business or clients.  We want to help.