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Veronica Lynn-Swirsky


Veronica has been an esthetics educator for almost 20 years and a professionally trained nail technician and Esthetician for over 3 decades. She completed her initial training in Canada and received paramedical esthetics training in Germany. She holds a Certified Master Pedicurist designation as well as her Journeyperson Certificate as an Esthetician in both Skin Care Technician and Esthetician-Nail Technician.


Damaris Terleski

Damaris Terleski works from her home studio as an Esthetician/Nail Technician. She has been in the industry since 1999, starting as a nail artist then expanding her education and services.  She is very passionate, and has been very involved during her time not only as an esthetician, but helping to make huge changes for the industry in Saskatchewan. She was a part of the steering committee that has accomplished making Esthetics a designated Trade in the province.  While she remains focused to better the industry, she continues to work closely with Saskatchewan Apprenticeship. She always has time to educate or mentor others, and is currently part of a team of professionals who are working on creating a brand new Curriculum that will follow the provincial guidelines. The first module that was released to the public was the Sanitation, Disinfection, and Sterilization which Damaris is the co-author of.

Damaris has earned her Journeyperson Nail Technician Certificate from the province of Saskatchewan, as well as her Certified Master Pedicurist Level 2 from North-American School of Padology.  She takes in as many new classes as she can while enjoying her home business.

Genevieve Barlas

With three decades of experience as an esthetician and makeup artist, in 2013 Genevieve embarked on a rigorous course of research and training in cosmetic tattooing and earned her credentials for comprehensive cosmetic tattooing, areola tattooing, advanced techniques and pigment removal procedures.

In 2015 she became one of Canada’s few with the internationally recognized CPCP(Certified Permanent Cosmetic Practitioner) with international certification.

Genevieve earned the award for achieving the highest mark on her CPCP exam out of three international sittings. (East Coast USA, West Coast USA and London, UK)

With a focus and commitment to do exceptional work, Genevieve remains on the leading edge of techniques and technologies by attending international seminars several times a year, and consistently upgrading her skills, equipment and products.

Genevieve is passionate about using her skills and her client-centered approach to help breast cancer survivors on their journey of reconstruction, burn survivors, alopecia patients, and others who will benefit from cosmetic tattooing.

The permanent cosmetic discipline is a natural progression for Genevieve. With her eye for symmetry and her colour knowledge, eyebrows became her specialty early in her career. Over the past three decades, Genevieve dramatically improved the appearance and self-esteem of tens of thousands of her clients.

Genevieve has been a long-time champion of education and ongoing professional development. In 2010, after the Government of Saskatchewan began recognizing and implementing industry standards, Genevieve received one of the first Journeyman Esthetics certifications in the province. She went on to assist a premier education facility with re-working their curriculum to become an accredited vocational school. She has brought credibility to the esthetics industry and earned a reputation as a professional educator.

Even as a young teenager, Genevieve knew that becoming an esthetician was her calling. Her career in the beauty industry began in 1987 with an Esthetics Diploma from St. Tropezz School of Esthetics Artistry. Not long after graduating, Genevieve began earning numerous professional awards for her work as an esthetics artist.

Ashley Mitchelmore

Ashley Mitchelmore is a Journey person Certified Esthetician.
Her passion is a focus on nail technology and nail art. This extremely talented and knowledgeable woman started her career in nails back in 2008, from there Ashley started her own business and continued to build her skills to a higher level.
Ashley then furthered her career by branching into teaching in 2010. She added Pedicures, Manicures, Waxing, Facials, Lash Extensions and Business Building to her already impressive portfolio. Specializing further in Nails, Ashley  completed specialized training in 2014, taking many advanced courses that she could then share her techniques with us.


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